Business Plans

Maccallum Slator can help you build a business plan around your long term objectives for your business and to help you create long term wealth.

We can do this in a number of ways and for various purposes whether it is for your own internal use or for assisting you with finance raising.

A typical business plan will involve us or an independent market research firm undertaking a review of your competitors including what they do, how they do it, their pricing and their profitability. We will use this with your own knowledge to build up a plan of what product or service you are going to sell, how you are going to run your business, pricing, the capital needed and helping you produce some realistic financial projections so you can benchmark your early trading.

Business Strategy

We have a good commercial experience of different types of businesses from retailers, property investors, holiday parks, medical professionals, information technology through to professional services firms such as solicitors, Chartered Surveyors and stockbrokers.

We will help you set up your business in the best form of entity whether that is as a sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership or limited company.

We will help you identify what objectives your business needs to meet over the short term, medium term and long term.

We can help you with the financial research needed to formulate a strategy and can act as a mentor to your business or help you find a non-executive director to help coach you.

Cash Flow Forecasts

A good business will need to plan its cash flow for a number of reasons. Primarily the business will need to know it can continue to operate with the funds it has available in the medium term and will need to have as early as warning as possible if it needs to raise more funds.

Typically cash flow may be raised from bank loans, the business owner injecting money or invoice discounting. It will also be important to make sure assets bought and used in the business are funded over their useful life to preserve the cash in the business and take advantage of any tax breaks or allowances.

We can help you prepare a cash flow forecast for between usually three months to five years and can work out a forecast for your income tax, corporation tax and VAT payments to assist with writing the cash flow.


There are a number of sources of finance and grants available to small and medium firms whether because of the area they operate in e.g. information technology or because of where they operate.

We can guide you with making applications for grants and we can help you in monitoring the use of those grants to ensure you comply with the terms of them being made available.

We have a wide range of contacts and operate through a network so that if we cannot help you we will usually find you someone that can.

We have direct experience of dealing with the European Union in claiming grants and have established contacts in Brussels who know of us and can assist us on your behalf.