Maccallum Slator will help your business find a route through your problems with Liquidation, Administration, Bankruptcy, Voluntary Arrangements or restructuring.

Please contact us to arrange an initial meeting, free of charge, to explain in plain language this complex area and what your options are.


The directors, shareholders or a creditor can put a company into liquidation. It usually means the end of the business.

Company or Individual Voluntary Arrangements

Where the owners want to save the business but cannot afford to pay all the debts due now. It usually involves a freezing of interest and partially writing off debts with an agreed payment plan over one to five years.

Payment Plans

We have dealt with over 1,000 business with financial problems in the last ten years and know what can be agreed with creditors such as banks and HM Revenue and Customs.


We can help you restructure your business debts to make you profitable. We can help you manage that period of changes.

Business Rescue

This will often involve placing the company into Administration, as above, to give time for a realistic solution to be worked out.

Law of Property Act Receivers

When the bank or a secured lender on a property appoint us to manage and sell a property.
Further information and advice can be found above under the Need Advice heading or under Help sheets above.


An individual can file for their own bankruptcy or a creditor can take this action against them if they are owed over £750. It can be a very effective way of creating a fresh start. Whatever your situation, we can help you to choose the right option for you and guide you through the whole process with clear, impartial advice from one of our friendly, approachable advisers