At Maccallum Slator we believe the best way to produce accounts for clients promptly and accurately is to employ well trained dedicated staff and use the best software available on the market. The efficient use of software helps us to keep our services cost effective.

A number of our staff are trained to use and are very familiar with Sage, Quick Books and MYOB and can provide support by telephone for any routine queries. By appointment we can also provide training for your staff at your premises.

The question we get asked often by new clients is that they want proactive and structured tax advice to save them money. That is what we aim to do.

The tax a business or an individual can pay will vary greatly dependent upon the type of business, how it is structured, who owns it, what they do in the business and what their long term objectives are.

Income Tax

Each year Maccallum Slator will review your taxation affairs and provide practical and commercial advice to save you tax.

Our tax services include:

  • Preparation of corporate tax computations and returns taking care to include all tax saving opportunities.
  • Preparation and electronic submission of self assessment tax returns for company directors, partnerships, sole traders and high net worth individuals.
  • Dealing with all correspondence with HM Revenue & Customs in a timely and efficient manner.
  • General inheritance tax and capital gains tax advice.


Our objective is to assist you with the smooth running of your businesses. We offer a wide range of services in respect of preparing VAT returns. From the simple organisation of sales and purchase invoices to more a more in depth service of providing management accounts each quarter.
Preparation and completion of VAT returns.
Advising on registration and deregistration.
Advising on appropriate VAT schemes such as the flat rate.

Capital Gains Tax

There are a variety of relief’s available to limiting any capital gains liability, along with simple techniques like the spreading the timing of disposals over tax years to utilise your annual exemptions effectively and sharing assets with a spouse.

We ask our clients to always inform us of any capital transactions that they are considering in advance in order that we can give them the best possible advice.

Inheritance Tax

Planning is essential to reducing your potential inheritance tax position. With knowledge of your personal circumstances and objectives we can help you to minimise any tax payable, whilst helping you to achieve your aims.

Pay No Tax

Is this possible? Well surprisingly yes it is. Here are some real examples and they are all legal.
A self employed professional earns £100,000 a year, works and resides in the UK and in 2007/08 paid no income tax at all.

A lorry driver who has his own business earns £50,000 a year, buys a new lorry in 2008/09 and will then be able to claim tax credits of almost £20,000 (that is real money coming back).

A couple who own a business decide to retire and sell the business for over £1million and pay no capital gains tax at all in the 2008/09 tax year.

A very successful business owner who has accumulated assets of over £10million decides to organise his financial affairs to minimise Inheritance Tax so that on death his estate will pay no Inheritance Tax at all.
All of these examples are real and achievable but require planning in advance.